It´s about the (user) experience

We grow companies by enabling them to deliver a truly personal digital user experience

A truly personal user experience.

By the force of proprietary neural networks (AI) we create a genuine understanding of human digital behavior, resulting in what we refer to as Deep Personalization.

But Deep Personalization is just a buzzword, how do you do it?

Our platform collects Big Data on the colors, shapes and textures of the digital World. Combined with state-of-the-art AI, our platform understands global and individual digital patterns. It enables businesses to tailor and to keep their digital user experience tailored in a way that is much more sophisticated and meaningful to the end user than any legacy personalization solution out there.

We are on a mission to push the boundaries of Deep Learning

The general use of neural networks is just in its infancy. We believe that Norna has an important part to play, using a team of skilled AI innovators to deliver groundbreaking results.

The ABC of solving the problem

We collect

We collect Big Data regarding the colors, shapes and textures that people actually use.

We analyze

Our AI analyzes data using proprietary Deep Learning and we tailor output to the specific end user and user case.

We learn

Our AI learns from user behavior and meta-trends, using powerful neural networks. The result is a self-teaching system with a mission to constantly improve itself.

NORNA - The movie

Norna is a cutting edge AI start-up in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company was founded in 2018 by Michael Collaros, Christer Norström and Jonas Saric as a response to the growing need of true personalization within the digital field, driven by a World that is rapidly becoming increasingly digitized while it’s also becoming cluttered with digital and often meaningless content. Currently focusing on eCommerce, Norna provides individuals with a truly customized shopping experience based on their interests, buying behavior, demographics and psychographics, i.e. what we refer to as Deep Personalization.

The objective is to streamline the individual’s search process and to increase the pleasantness of being on-line. Consequently, Norna strives to decrease the efforts spent by individuals to find the goods that is right for them, and – as a side effect, to reduce waste consumption.

Understanding is created by the advanced study and interpretation of vast amounts of human data related to the colors, shapes and textures of the items that people use all around the World. All packaged by Norna as a value adding solution to any existing trade system for the benefit of eCommerce players and their end customers.

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Norna's headquarter is located in the central part of Stockholm, at Vasagatan 15-17. Do you want to cooperate to enhance the digital experience of your customers, get in touch with us at Norna! Use or the form below.